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Publications for PAD

Publications and the associated web form allow easy management of subscriptions to, and the distribution of, periodical publications such as the Gazette, Blueprint and the Oxford Magazine.

All current University and college staff are provided with access to electronic versions of periodical publications and can access the web form to manage their own details and subscription preferences via their SSO account. Blueprint, Oxford Today and most of the Gazette are available online to everyone, subscriber or not.

What's this?
The stage in the service lifecycle at which the service currently resides. Lifecycle = planned, new, live, notice, closed
Lifecycle status
What's this?
The level of user activity at this point in the academic year.
Business activity level
What's this?
The regular period during which routine maintenance could take place.
Maintenance window
What's this?
Would making a change to the service today present too high a risk to the University?
Restricted change period

Getting help

Support contact
Support hours08:30 - 17:00, Mon - Fri*
Out-of-hours support
IT Board
Business ownerChinn, Paul
Service owner
Castle, Matthew
Service manager
Holmes, Ian

* except bank holidays and University closure days

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