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Data Warehousing

The Data Warehousing service provides cross-University access to a single accurate and consistent source of data, bringing in data from historical systems and mitigating the risk involved in local ad hoc approaches. The data warehouse gathers data – normally overnight - from multiple operational systems. It then applies consistent, agreed logic to them and presents them in data structures that are easily consumed by reporting tools. The warehouse databases track changes and create the snapshots that enable both historical and predictive reporting. The data warehouse makes it easier to comply with legal requirements around data security and to analyse and report information. It is currently used for selected student, research administration, libraries, HR and purchasing data. There is an ongoing programme to add further sets of data to this list.

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The stage in the service lifecycle at which the service currently resides. Lifecycle = planned, new, live, notice, closed
Lifecycle status
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The level of user activity at this point in the academic year.
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The regular period during which routine maintenance could take place.
Maintenance window
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Getting help

Support contact
Data Warehouse Reporting Team
Support hours08:30 - 17:00, Mon - Fri*
Out-of-hours support
Portfolio CommitteeTechnology Portfolio
Service SponsorTahzib, Shirin
Service owner
Kilgour, Ewan
Service manager
Noonan-Nagl, Matt

* except bank holidays and University closure days

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Raise a support call

Contact the Data Warehouse Reporting Team or the Service Desk 01865 (6)12345

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