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Data Governance Support

The Data Governance Framework establishes policies, procedures, roles and tools that enable data to be sourced and re-used with confidence. It therefore underpins other 'data' projects, and can assist IT projects by providing the structures to support effective data management and integration. It makes it easier for anyone who processes administrative data to ensure that:

  • they are getting their data from the right place
  • the data they create and use is of the right quality
  • they are using the correct, agreed, definitions – the same ones that their colleagues, and external bodies, use
  • they know who to go to with questions about data The Data Reporting, Architecture and Modelling (DRAM) Team offers support to everyone who works with or is responsible for shared administrative data, to enable them to work within the Data Governance Framework. This includes:
  • explanations of - and assistance with - the four ‘pillars’ of data governance: data definitions, data sourcing, data standards and data stewardship
  • forms and templates for use when applying data governance to data
  • the Data Issue Log, for reporting issues to the DRAM Team for support and resolution
  • a network of data stewards and contacts within each business area where data governance has been applied, and support of those contacts
  • guidance on data governance and data models

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Support contact
Data Reporting, Architecture and Modelling (DRAM) team
Support hours09:00 - 17:00, Mon - Fri*
Out-of-hours support
Portfolio CommitteeTechnology Portfolio
Service SponsorTahzib, Shirin
Service owner
Kilgour, Ewan
Service manager
Kilgour, Ewan

* except bank holidays and University closure days

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