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Data Governance Tools (Casewise - Evolve Toolset)

Casewise-Evolve is a IT architecture tool that is being used to capture the University’s “enterprise data model”. It contains summary information (“meta-data”) about the administrative data within the University’s business systems (e.g. students record (SITS), staff (HRIS), alumni (DARS)). The toolset is the platform for the Data Governance Framework; this is a multi-year initiative to deliver organisation-wide agreement on the meaning of administrative data so that it can be re-used with accuracy (e.g. operational reporting, statutory data returns, analytics and system integrations). The capability of Casewise-Evolve extends beyond data; it is also being used to model the University’s business processes and the application portfolio

Data, models, processes and applications are published via the Evolve website, for which read-only access is available to all University staff members upon request. The Casewise client modelling toolset is provided only to trained modellers.

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The stage in the service lifecycle at which the service currently resides. Lifecycle = planned, new, live, notice, closed
Lifecycle status
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The level of user activity at this point in the academic year.
Business activity level
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The regular period during which routine maintenance could take place.
Maintenance window
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Would making a change to the service today present too high a risk to the University?
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Getting help

Support contact
Service Desk
01865 (6)12345
Support hours08:30 - 17:00, Mon - Fri*
Out-of-hours support
IT BoardInfrastructure IT Board
Business ownerTahzib, Shirin
Service owner
Lewis, Angela
Service manager
Lewis, Angela

* except bank holidays and University closure days

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Read only access is free (for website "followers") For all other users (Evolve modellers and website contributors), contact the Service Manager

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